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Venezuela’s 2018 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth

Venezuelan Children and Youth deserve equal opportunities for achieving The rights to food and health earlier


Venezuela is currently facing a dramatic increase of poverty, in which 80% of the Venezuelan households experience food insecurity which contributes as an important determinant for social disparities, as reported by the last Standard Living Conditions Survey for Venezuelans (ENCOVI, 2017). In Venezuela as in many countries, the first cause of death is cardiovascular disease, and diabetes is going up among the first.

These diseases would greatly benefit from physical activity.

Children and Youth would benefit from prevention strategies to improve their life style as soon as possible, starting early in life and even pre-natal. The challenging Venezuelan context needs a full revision of existing data, policies and programs.

This Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth is an assessment of information related to physical activity in Venezuela, and provides a compilation of existing information throughout the country and assesses how well it is doing at promoting opportunities for children and youth.

We are proud to highlight the extraordinary job done by the Special Olympic team from Venezuela, a local chapter from the international nonprofit organization founded by Eunice Kennedy. A local impact has reached:

  • 15.370 Athletes
  • 1.618 Participants
  • 25 Sports
  • 1.158 Trainers
  • 20 Subprograms in 15 States of Venezuela
  • 380 Leaders Athletes
  • 946 Young Athletes
  • 4.090 Registered Families
  • 4.294 Volunteers
  • 216 Competitions annually developed
  • 34 Unified competitions

This wonderful organization give equal opportunities for cognitive disabled children and youth reaching families of low income and underserved communities.

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